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"When I grew up in Seattle, accessible and inclusive venues for live music were few and far between. However, I didn't know what I was truly missing until I came home from my second year in college and played at the Royal Room. It was a magical night, filled with an audience and atmosphere unique to any club

I’ve seen in the country - neighborhood regulars mingling with musicians mingling with students and elders alike, all in the service of adventurous new music.

The Royal Room's community-minded orientation has filled the gap for musicians and music lovers alike, and I am forever indebted to its bold and unwavering mission.”

-- Riley Mulherkar, Musician/Artist

Join us on November 20th, 7pm for our annual fundraiser at the Royal Room! Featuring the music of Mavis Staples, performed by Ayesha Brooks, D’Vonne Lewis, Marina Christopher, Dan Taylor, and Kate Molloy

1120 SHMP Mavis.jpg

Music is the healing force of the universe. It is a powerful language, but it is often expressed in dialects that keep us separate. By forging opportunities for artists and audiences to communicate, share, and explore through music, we can bring our community together to transform our world.

The South Hudson Music Project (SHMP) develops, promotes and presents innovative musical collaborations that cross boundaries of genre, culture, generation, and neighborhood in order to strengthen and engage our community. 

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